Voice of Hope | Putting an end to Human Trafficking in Staffordshire

Our Purpose

Voice of Hope is intentional in making a stand against the social injustice of modern slavery and human trafficking, through a range of initiatives and working with strategic partners, we believe we can make a positive difference for good in our community. 

Our action plan is to:

Raise awareness – we raise awareness about human trafficking within community groups, churches and universities. We provide information leaflets in public places that include our contact details.


Education – We aim to create an education curriculum to educate the next generation as a preventative measure of human trafficking. Young or vulnerable people need to be equipped and empowered with information to avoid becoming victims of this atrocious crime. 


We provide training. Our training programme is designed for professionals including first responders in order that they may recognise signs of human trafficking and modern slavery in order that they would know what to do if suspicious of a potential victim of trafficking. Our training programme is now reaching out to the business sector. 


We network and support partners who are working to recover and restore and rebuild the lives of victims of human trafficking. We are privileged to assist Staffordshire Police when they require reception centres. Reception centres are places of safety that potential rescued victims are initially taken to start their journey of restoration.


We assist the Salvation Army in escorting classified victims of human trafficking to safe houses.


                                                              Our long term aim is to own our home restoration home


All information that is reported to us is dealt with in strict confidentiality, we only pass on information that will help in the rescue of potential victims of trafficking