Project Dignity

Today’s Fight 4 Tomorrow’s Freedom

Project Dignity was set up as part of Voice of Hope, a charity which is committed to the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking.

The homeless in our cities are very vulnerable and at risk of being recruited into modern slavery.  The Dignity Project is designed to provide the homeless community with what we call ‘Bags of Dignity’. Within each bag are toiletries and personal items as well as information about what to look out for when being offered employment and how to protect themselves and others from becoming victims of slavery. Bags of Dignity are available for both male and females.

‘Project Dignity’, along with other agencies, identifies vulnerable individuals that find themselves homeless and living on the streets.  They may be identified through Foodbanks or Night Shelters or via a third party.

Once identified our team is able to speak personally to the person where a Bag of Dignity is then provided.  The team will also make a special point of introducing them to the leaflet contained in the bag giving them useful information about what to do if they are approached by someone.

The primary objective of ‘Project Dignity’ is to stop modern slavery within our homeless community by empowering them to make smart choices regarding getting work.

Tactics used to recruit

• Traffickers are volunteering with homeless charities to gain the trust of vulnerable people through soup kitchens and drop-ins, with the ultimate purpose of exploitation.

• Traffickers pray on the vulnerability of the individual – offers of accommodation, provision of drugs etc.

• Traffickers wait outside homeless shelters or visit known areas of the community where vulnerable individuals live rough on the streets. •

• Traffickers have been known to visit places of worship to identify vulnerable people with an offer of work or accommodation.

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