Voice of Hope | Putting an end to Human Trafficking in Staffordshire


Could you identify the signs that a person is being trafficked, enslaved or exploited?

                               In 2018 we were privileged to deliver modern slavery awareness to over 1100 people.

                             1100 people better equipped to helping eradicate this injustice from our communities.


Our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Courses will empower you to identify and know how to respond to individuals you suspect could potentially be victims of Modern Slavery. The course includes an understanding of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, types, signs and scope of Modern Slavery and the reporting mechanism of modern slavery with the UK.

If your company or organisation would like one of our trainers to deliver FREE modern slavery awareness in your workplace, please contact voiceofhope4@yahoo.co.uk


We are pleased to announce our next FREE  Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking awareness course:

Our next awareness date to be announced shortly

If you would like to reserve your place on the next up and coming awareness course, please e mail your contact details to the e mail address below: