Many of cannot fail to have been touched by the reports this last week about the 39 people that died in the back of a lorry while being transported to the UK. There has been differing reports about who was bringing them to the UK. Where they just looking for a better life or were they being trafficked for the purpose of exploitation?. At this point, and with seeing the arrests that have taken place then it would appear that these individual were in fact being trafficked into the UK.

I guess only with time will we understand the reasons when we see the criminal prosecutions taking place and more information is released.

The part of this story that has really made me think is the fact that the people arranging these transfers to the UK offer to ways in, the individual can choose either an economy or a premium package to gain access to the UK ………. this shocked me. I read that the economy package costs around £7,000 to nearly £12,000 and is a very arduous. It means that there could be large stints of walking through dark forest at night to avoid detection. The premium package is said to cost between £30,000 and £40,000 and consists of mainly plane travel. This isn’t normally into the UK and may still involve a dangerous trip across the English channel.

According to the UN Vietnamese migrants may have generated £234m a year for smugglers to take them to Europe.

To finance the trip, many borrow from family and acquaintances.

Some are forced to use the informal credit market, with interest on the loan fluctuating at the whim of the lender.

Unsurprisingly, if the journey fails, they would have attempted it again as it’s the only way for them to recoup the money.

Dr Barber says others may raise the money through selling land or property.

Vietnamese families are taking these “huge risks” because they “really view this as their one opportunity to send a family member abroad to earn money,” she says.

Whatever way we look at this its utterly disgusting that some people are profiting from this whilst other are risking so much to get to a place where they can work in order to support their families back home.

I suspect that this story will roll on and on as more information is uncovered. However, here’s a thought….. these are the 39 people we have heard about……. how many more are making this treacherous journey daily in the hope of a better life.